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Patient Discovery

The Key to Unlocking Patient Potential

We Connect Patients Undergoing Complex Treatments to Targeted Support and Services

The Solution

Breaking Down Health Literacy Barriers

Complex medical jargon is broken down into easy-to-understand, interactive learning activities which synchronously capture data on patient concerns, questions and priorities

Closing The Patient-Physician Communication Gap

Patient-generated data is synthesized into a Discussion Guide and shared with the HCP prior to visit, resulting in delivery of personalized care and targeted support in less time

Matching Patients To Targeted Support & Services

Throughout the treatment journey, holistic patient insights are used to create custom matches to underutilized support and services

Our Team

The Patient Discovery team is comprised of a passionate and interdisciplinary group of technologists, learning architects, product designers, data analysts and seasoned entrepreneurs.

The team includes the founders who created True Office, the ground-breaking adaptive learning and behavioral analytics compliance solution currently used by millions of employees across the Fortune 1000. In 2014, True Office was acquired by Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange.

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