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Patient Discovery

The Key to Unlocking Patient Potential

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Patient Discovery’s state-of-the-art learning solutions reveal insights into the mind of the patient, capturing knowledge gaps and giving voice to unspoken concerns.

Armed with these insights, healthcare professionals and caregivers can provide highly targeted support to ensure comprehension and compliance.

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Our Solutions

PD Strong

Truly enables patients to comprehend, retain and successfully comply with their medical instructions

100% of patients said they were more confident administering their medications and devices after using PD Strong

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Our Solutions

PD Connect

Empowers patients and their care teams to compare and evaluate clinical trials and treatment options based on personal preferences and clinical needs

PD Connect Provides ‘Heat Maps’ for industry to design and locate trial sites based on patients’ needs and convenience

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Our Solutions

PD Inform

Assures patients fully understand complicated medical information so they are prepared to make an informed decision before consenting to a trial or treatment

PD Inform lowers the risk of non-compliance and dropout by ensuring patients fully understand the potential risks and benefits of their treatment choices

Our Features

Secure, cloud-based architecture

Adaptable to any content

Accessible at point-of-care and at-home

Delivered via tablet and smartphone

Experience in a patient’s native language

EHR compatible

Localized to meet cultural norms

Our Team

The Patient Discovery team is comprised of a passionate and interdisciplinary group of technologists, learning architects, product designers, data analysts and seasoned entrepreneurs.

The team includes the founders who created True Office, the ground-breaking adaptive learning and behavioral analytics compliance solution currently used by millions of employees across the Fortune 1000. In 2014, True Office was acquired by Intercontinental Exchange (NYSE:ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange.

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