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Every Patient needs a companion

Extend your system’s high-quality, personalized care experience into the home. Companion by Patient Discovery™ integrates the voice of the patient to elevate trust, increase patient engagement, address health equity gaps, and establish pathways to better outcomes.
Health Equity

Companion provides all patients and their caregivers access to the tools and resources needed to help bridge divides, engage in productive dialogue, and foster fair and just opportunities to be healthy.

Shared Decision-Making

Companion highlights patient preferences through effective two-way communication, which is vital in building trust and ultimately motivating patients to take action toward positive health outcomes.

Whole-Person Care

Companion supports diverse internal and external resources to deliver the physical, behavioral, emotional, and social services required to improve care coordination and directly impact well-being and health.

Companion makes a measurable difference

An accessible web app clinically tested with leading health systems, Companion addresses today’s most complex challenges including: health equity, patient shared decision-making, and whole-person care.
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Companion Empowers Health Systems with Critical Business Intelligence

Move healthcare forward using unparalleled patient-generated data that drives smarter decisions.
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Companion Builds Trust to Impact Outcomes

Bridge patients’ communication gaps with their care teams, and increase their confidence in sharing aspects of life which impact health.
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About Patient Discovery

Patient Discovery is transforming the way all patients are understood, supported, and treated.
Over the last five years we’ve helped thousands of patients and numerous healthcare systems and biopharma companies. Want to partner with us?
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