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A practical solution for identifying and addressing unmet patient needs in cancer care

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Optimize the financial and operational performance of your practice while enhancing care quality

Patient Discovery’s equitable care platform enables oncology practices to proactively understand and resolve non-medical barriers to access and adherence, meeting the new reimbursement requirements for SDoH, Community Health Integration, and Patient Navigation, and enhancing the patient experience.

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Deliver patient support at scale

Patient-centered and easy-to-use, Patient Discovery is a standardized, digital tool that maximizes care team resources to deliver patient support at scale by:

  • Proactively engaging patients on what matters most for their treatment and care plan
  • Assessing patients SDoH risk to efficiently identify unmet needs impacting patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Intelligently matching patients to community-based resources based on patient-reported needs
  • Capturing the activities of the expanded care team to meet payer reimbursement requirements
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Photo of a person's hands as they tap the screen of their smartphone, while using he Patient Discovery app.

Improve the experiences and outcomes of all patients

Patient Discovery extends care into the home, ensuring patients feel seen, understood, and supported along the entire care journey. This unique approach strengthens the bond of trust between patients and their care teams and helps improve the outcomes and experiences of cancer patients.

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