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Address health-related social needs by giving patients a platform to be heard, understood, and supported

Address health-related social needs by giving patients a platform to be heard, understood, and supported

Every Patient needs a companion

Patients navigating complex care need to feel supported, heard, and understood. Companion by Patient Discovery™️ provides a platform for patients’ real-world experiences, concerns, and preferences to be integrated into decision-making throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem. Partner with Patient Discovery to elevate patient trust, address health equity gaps, and establish pathways to better outcomes.

Companion makes a measurable difference

Clinically tested with leading health systems, Companion by Patient Discovery addresses today’s most complex challenges
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Health Equity

Companion provides all patients and their caregivers access to the tools and resources needed to help bridge divides, engage in productive conversations, and ensure equal opportunity for achieving optimal health outcomes.

Shared Decision-Making

Companion highlights patient preferences through effective two-way communication, which is vital in building trust and ultimately motivating patients to take action toward positive health outcomes.

Whole-Person Care

Companion supports diverse internal and external resources to deliver the physical, behavioral, emotional, and social services required to improve care coordination and directly impact well-being and health.

Companion Delivers Unparalleled, Patient-Generated Insights

Patient Discovery’s unique, modular platform helps health systems, biopharmaceutical companies, and payers tap into previously inaccessible patient-generated data, and critical business intelligence, to drive smarter decisions. 
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Companion Builds Trust to Impact Outcomes

Designed first and foremost as a Companion for patients, our platform provides a safe and comfortable space for patients to communicate practical day-to-day concerns (social determinants of health), personal preferences, and questions with their care teams. By building trust in this way, we help increase patient confidence and enable more honest communication about all aspects of life that may impact a patient’s health. 
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Companion Supports Value-Based Care

By providing unprecedented insight into non-medical factors influencing health outcomes, Companion ensures care teams have the information they need to more effectively support and deliver high-value care to every patient.

Why Patient Discovery?

Companion by Patient Discovery™️, is the only digital health platform focused on supporting seriously ill patients by enabling them to self-report key social determinants of health and quality of life challenges along their care journeys, and connecting them in real-time to support services, patient education resources, and advanced treatment options tailored to their individual needs. 
Over the last six years we’ve helped thousands of patients, and numerous healthcare systems and biopharma companies. Are you ready to partner with us?
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