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Who we serve

Patient Discovery is a healthcare pioneer transforming the patient voice into a new generation of actionable data and real-world intelligence that helps identify, understand, and solve patient needs to deliver more nuanced, whole-person care.

By leveraging a purpose-built technology platform to generate patient-powered insights on the non-medical factors influencing health outcomes, we empower stakeholders across the healthcare industry to advance health equity, and transform the way patients are supported at every touchpoint in their care journey.

Advancing health equity by helping healthcare stakeholders connect life to care.


Empower patients, strengthen their relationships with members of the care team, and build trust by giving them a platform to share openly and honestly about their care priorities and the non-medical factors that may influence their treatment, care decisions, and outcomes. 

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Completely transform the patient-provider relationship by efficiently gaining the insights you need to proactively develop care plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs.

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Hospitals & health systems

Improve equity initiatives with technology intentionally designed to remove the administrative burden of discovery for teams, and deliver the insights required to address disparities in access and care delivery, improve outcomes, and reduce the total cost of care. 

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Biopharmaceutical organizations

Gain valuable patient-generated insights on health-related social needs that enhance your understanding of the patient journey and help optimize and allocate resources and programs to ensure access, treatment adherence, and improved health outcomes. 

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Ready to see how Patient Discovery can help strengthen whole-person care and expand health equity among your patients?