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White Paper: Advancing Health Equity through the Patient Voice


White Paper: Advancing Health Equity through the Patient Voice

Across the healthcare ecosystem, considerable investments are being made to address disparities in care and advance health equity, yet tangible progress remains slow. For all the solutions being proposed, critical gaps remain in what is understood about the prevalence of the socioeconomic factors impacting health outcomes and the efficacy of interventions. Advancing health equity in a meaningful way requires integrating the patient voice into healthcare delivery, merging the patient’s life outside the clinic more directly with their clinical path. Only then will the industry have the nuanced, actionable data and real-world intelligence needed to effectively drive change.  

Download this white paper to gain valuable perspective on why taking advantage of patient-centered technology is the first and most time-sensitive step professionals must make to usher in a new era of healthcare data and address costly inequities before they worsen.  


Advancing Health Equity through the Patient Voice: The Next Generation of Actionable Data & Real-World Intelligence
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