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Extending Your System’s High-Quality, Personalized Care Experience Into the Home

The pressure on providers and health systems to deliver consistent, comprehensive, high-quality care to every patient has never been higher.

Studies have proven that life outside the health system has a direct impact on outcomes and must be included as part of patient-centered care planning. Yet, access to this real-world patient data has historically been a challenge to capture or effectively put into practice.

Clinically tested across the U.S., Companion by Patient Discovery™ has been designed for and by leading health systems to meaningfully address these challenges.

Companion is an easily accessible web application purposefully designed to:

  • Support the highly complex needs of all your seriously ill patients and their caregivers
  • Empower your multi-disciplinary care teams with actionable insights discovered through the voice of the patient
  • Aggregate your patients’ real-world data into business intelligence with comprehensive reporting and analytics directly related to pre-identified success metrics and strategic objectives
  • White Label Solution
  • Accessible Via Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone
  • Bi-Directional Integration
  • Care Team Operates Within EHR of Choice
  • FIHR, HL7, or Hybrid Delivery
  • Patients Access Through Existing Portal
  • HITRUST Certification (Pending)
  • APIs Optimize Existing Investments
  • Clinically Tested Across the U.S.
Health Equity

Companion provides all patients and their caregivers access to the tools and resources needed to help bridge divides, engage in productive dialogue, and foster fair and just opportunities to be healthy.

Shared Decision-Making

Companion facilitates the patient’s voice being heard through effective, two-way communication which is vital in building trust and ultimately motivating patients to take action to achieve positive health outcomes.

Whole Person Care

Companion supports diverse internal and external resources to deliver the physical, behavioral, emotional, and social services required to improve care coordination and directly impact well-being and health.

Companion is With Patients During the Moments That Matter Most

Companion empowers patients and caregivers to share in decision-making throughout their treatment trajectory
  • Bridges the communication gap with their Care Teams and deepens trust
  • Increases confidence in sharing aspects of their life which may be impacting better health
  • Improves continuity of care through sharing of information across multidisciplinary care teams
  • Elevates support through personalized services

Companion Fits Seamlessly Into the Clinic’s Workflow

Companion uniquely supports providers with access to real world patient information
  • Easy access to order Companion and view dashboards directly in the EHR
  • Expands insight into critical, non-medical information that impacts care and outcomes
  • Elevates collaboration among multidisciplinary care teams who have access to a common view of the patient
  • Expands access to internal and external resources required to solve vital patient needs

Companion Empowers Systems with Critical Business Intelligence

Companion highlights critical success factors and opportunities of impact
  • Reporting and analytics directly tied to on strategic initiatives e.g. health equity, patient experience/satisfaction, quality, retention
  • Tracking and trending of targeted success metrics and outcomes
  • Utilization view of referrals to internal and external resources
  • Monitoring the financial impact associated with the use of Companion

Companion is Purpose Built for a Secure & Flexible Workflow Integration

Companion Is a Win for Patients/Caregivers & Care Teams

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