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Fumi Matsumoto

Fumi Matsumoto

Fumi is currently the CTO of Patient Discovery where he oversees technology strategy, platformgrowth and ensuring product-market fit.

Fumi has a wealth of experience in scaling early stage, high-growth technology companies where his responsibilities have included product management, product engineering and CTO.

He started his career as a founding employee of ATG (Art Technology Group, NASDAQ: ARTG, later acquired by Oracle), and later served as CTO after its successful IPO.  His later roles included: co-founder and CTO at Allurent, where for six years he built rich shopping experiences for online retailers; CTO at Applause / uTest, where he lead product management and product engineering for the crowdsourced software testing service; and co-founder and CEO of Humu Labs, building data analysis and visualization products.

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