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Illustrated Portrait Of Julanny, Who Has Long Curly Black Hair, Dark Eyes, And Is Wearing A Maroon Blouse.

Julanny Acevedo

Product Manager

Julanny has a decade of experience creating and managing fintech and corporate advisory solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Julanny has…

Illustrated Portrait Of Suzie, Who Has Shoulder-length Blonde Hair, Dark Eyes, And Is Wearing A Dark Blazer Over A White Blouse.

Suzie Smith

Senior Director, Strategic Accounts

Suzie Smith has nearly 20 years of experience developing strategic client partnerships, with a concentration in the pharmaceutical industry, and…

JP Richey

Director of Data Products

As Director of Data Products at Patient Discovery, JP leads the execution of our data strategy as we scale our…

Illustrated Portrait Of Julie, Who Has Long Curly Brown Hair, Green Eyes With Glasses, And Is Wearing A Pink Top.

Julie Stern

Chief Technology Officer

Julie Stern is a growth-oriented healthcare CTO with over 20 years of executive technology leadership in the areas of patient,…

Prakash Acharya

Senior Software Engineer

Even at a young age, Prakash has always had the urge to learn and create, whether it be taking apart…

Elizabeth Egan

Vice President, Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, Beth is focused on developing marketing strategies that maximize awareness and market share of Patient…

Bella Sykes

Director, Outcomes and Solution Experience

Bella partners with leading healthcare systems to build and scale highly impactful digital solutions, specifically designed to meet the needs…

Delphine Ravix

Software Engineer

From fixing gadgets at home to joining the technology club in high school, Delphine always had a passion for technology.…

Serena Bowen

Senior Software Engineer

Serena is a "learn-it-all" software engineer with Patient Discovery. Leveraging a background in HCI research and accessibility advocacy, she focuses…

Aaron Hoffman

Vice President, Design

Aaron is Head of Application Design, leading the Applications team to ensure that every patient can clearly and confidently choose…

Michael Keirnan

System Architect

Michael is a seasoned software developer with over 30 years of experience at technology startup companies. He has a passion…

Adam Sodowick

Chief Innovation Officer

Adam is currently the Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer at Patient Discovery where he is responsible for all aspects of…