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Patient Discovery Appoints Robyn Hayes as VP Health Solutions


Patient Discovery Appoints Robyn Hayes as VP Health Solutions

BOSTON, December 8, 2021

Patient Discovery Solutions, a leader in patient-provider engagement technologies that harness the voice of the patient and the power of real-world data to achieve better health outcomes, today announced the appointment of Robyn Hayes to the position of Vice President Health Solutions. In this role, Ms. Hayes will be an integral part of the commercial team established to expand the innovative solutions across the US into health systems, life sciences, and health plans. Leveraging more than 25 years of healthcare experience, encompassing sales, marketing, and new product launches, she will expand her existing relationships.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome Robyn to Patient Discovery, and we look forward to having her as part of this dynamic team,” said Jason Shore, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Patient Discovery. “Our goal is to build Patient Discovery into one of the next great healthcare technology companies, and the addition of best-in-class commercial talent is a key ingredient.”

Ms. Hayes brings extensive experience from engaging with health systems and the biotechnology and diagnostic industries. She has recently focused on personalized healthcare, representing a new era in whole-person care. She previously served as an Account Executive on the National Supply and Care Delivery team with Genentech, a member of the Roche Group (NYSE: ROG.SW). 

“I have spent my entire career working with patients and providers to improve health outcomes in multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, immunology, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and pain management for both adults and pediatrics. One of the most significant challenges I have witnessed throughout my career is the ability for patients and caregivers to clearly articulate their wishes to their care team and be actively engaged in decisions regarding their care. The data captured from Companion proves to have a direct impact on Health Equity, Shared Decision-Making, and Whole-Person Care. I am sincerely excited to bring this innovative solution to the healthcare market to help close the gap between providers and their patients.

About Patient Discovery 

Patient Discovery’s mission is to transform the way all patients are understood, supported and treated, and provide a platform for patients’ real-world experiences to be integrated into decision-making throughout the entire healthcare ecosystem.

Our patient-provider engagement platform brings to the forefront non-medical factors that both allow providers to efficiently create better patient-centric care plans, and enable health systems, life sciences, and health plans to effectively make informed decisions based on aggregated, real-world patient insights.