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Patient Discovery’s equitable care platform

An actionable technology and data analytics solution for reducing disparities in care

Get the insights you need to improve outcomes for all patients

Patient Discovery’s equitable care platform transforms care delivery by giving patients a comfortable channel to communicate their unique priorities, health-related social needs, treatment concerns and preferences with their care teams.

This practical approach enables care teams to effectively personalize care plans and build trust with patients, while unlocking previously inaccessible insights into the patient experience, ensuring all patients have access to high quality care and optimal health outcomes.

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How does it work?

Patient Discovery’s modular technology platform provides individualized support along the entire patient care journey, improving the patient experience and empowering care teams with the insights required to proactively identify and address potential gaps in care.

Before appointments, patients and their caregivers access the platform to reflect on and communicate:

  • appointment priorities
  • health-related social needs
  • personal care goals
  • treatment challenges
  • preferences

A dynamic, personalized dashboard assists patients by intelligently surfacing resources based on the patient’s input, including:

  • individualized support services
  • short-burst education
  • key resources for navigating diagnosis & treatment

A summary of the patient-reported data is distilled and delivered to care teams within the provider workflow to triage and use at appointments

After each appointment, patients and providers are prompted to identify if social needs were addressed to close the “care loop”

Aggregated data is normalized at scale to help practitioners, administrators, and other healthcare stakeholders identify trends, establish benchmarks, and share best practices

Clinically validated with proven results

Clinically validated across the U.S., the Patient Discovery platform delivers the actionable insights healthcare stakeholders need to consistently deliver high-quality, affordable care aligned with the individual needs of all patients.
Identifying Gaps
Of patients self-reported a social need from home before an appointment
Ensuring Access
The average age of patients of all education levels who access the Patient Discovery platform
Increasing Satisfaction
Of patients matched to support said the platform was either useful, or very or extremely useful
Enabling Education
Of patients who identified a social need expressed interest in advanced treatment options (clinical trials, CAR-T therapy, stem cell transplant).

A data-driven approach to true, whole person care

Armed with patient-generated insights, healthcare stakeholders are empowered to meet the unique needs of their patient populations and deliver more nuanced, whole person care. The Patient Discovery platform:
  • alleviates care teams of the administrative burdens of discovery and supports the efficient alignment of internal referrals and resources based on patient need
  • expands insights into social determinants of health and patient outcomes
  • elevates collaboration among multidisciplinary care teams who have access to a common view of the patient​
  • effectively supports the shift to value-based care and participation in emerging value-based payment models

Purpose-built for secure, flexible integration with minimal IT lift

Patient Discovery is HITRUST Certified and follows an efficient, secure, agnostic integration approach, that eliminates interruptions to patient and provider workflows.

Patient Discovery is a win for patients, caregivers, and multidisciplinary teams

“I feel empowered to take an active role in my decision-making.”

“I now have a forum to voice my priorities, need, and concerns.”

“I’ve got access to time and resources to support my decisions.”

“By knowing all aspects of my patient’s life, I can deliver more coordinated care and services.”

“Knowing our patient at a deeper level allows us to partner in making the best decisions possible.”

“This ensures all my patients receive quality care and that each appointment is highly efficient and focused.”