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Meet the Team Behind the Mission

Whether you’re a patient, caregiver or healthcare provider, everyone has an agonizing story about understanding treatment options and making their wishes known. A breakdown in communication is almost always at the heart of the problem. We’ve lived these stories and are driven by a mission to transform the way all patients are understood, supported and treated.

Sam Auyoung

Chief Financial Officer
Stylized Portrait Of Darren Smiling, Who Has Short Dark Hair And A Thin Mustache With A Pale Blue Collared Shirt.

Darren Booker

Software Developer

Serena Bowen

Software Engineer

Joel Briggs

Senior Developer

Shelby Chamberlain

Co-Founder & EVP Business Development

Chris Georgenes

Senior Interaction Designer

Michael Hawkins

Chief Technology Officer

Aaron Hoffman

Head of Application Design

Michael Keirnan

System Architect

Gabriela Kettani

Director of Product Management

Christian Miranda

Senior UI/UX Designer

Joe O’Connor

Chief Product Officer

Rhaea Photopoulos

Director of Clinical Engagement

Delphine Ravix

Software Engineer

Jason Shore

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Adam Sodowick

Co-Founder & President

Sophia Song

Data Analyst

Bella Sykes

Strategic Partner Manager

Theresa West

Chief Commercial Officer
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