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Meet the Team Behind the Mission

Whether you’re a patient, caregiver or healthcare provider, everyone has an agonizing story about understanding treatment options and making their wishes known. A breakdown in communication is almost always at the heart of the problem. We’ve lived these stories and are driven by a mission to transform the way all patients are understood, supported and treated.

Portrait Of Sam Smiling Softly, Who Has Short Black Hair And Glasses And Is Wearing A Mustard-colored Turtleneck Sweater And Sport Coat

Sam Auyoung

Chief Financial Officer
Portrait Of Ted Looking Serious, Who Has Short Grey Hair And Round Glasses Wearing A Purple Sweatshirt.

Ted Blackburn

Chief Technology Officer
Portrait Of Serena Softly Smiling, Who Has Shoulder Length Dark Blonde Hair And Round Glasses Wearing A Grey Sweater Over A Blue Collared Shirt.

Serena Bowen

Software Engineer
Portrait Of Shelby Smiling, Who Has Long Blond Hair Wearing A Dark Blue Blouse And Pendant Necklace.

Shelby Chamberlain

Co-Founder & EVP Business Development
Portrait Of Chris Grinning, Who Has Close-cropped Hair And Bear And Is Wearing A Grey Tee Shirt.

Chris Georgenes

Senior Interaction Designer
Portrait Of Aaron Smiling, Who Is Has A Bald Head And Close-cropped Brown Beard Wearing A Patterned Button-up Shirt.

Aaron Hoffman

Head of Application Design
Portrait Of Michael Smiling, Who Has Medium-length Greying Hair And Is Wearing A Grey-blue Polo Shirt.

Michael Keirnan

System Architect
Portrait Of Gabriela Smiling, Who Has Long Brown Hair Wearing A Red Sweater.

Gabriela Kettani

Director of Product Management
Portrait Of Christian Smiling, Who Has Short Black Hair And A Short Beard Wearing A White Button-up Shirt.

Christian Miranda

Senior UI/UX Designer
Portrait Fo Joe Smiling, Who Has Short Dark Hair With Some Grey Streaks Wearing A White Button-up Shirt.

Joe O’Connor

Chief Product Officer
Portrait Of Rhaea Smiling, Who Has Long Brown Hair Wearing A White Top And Necklace Under A Black Suit.

Rhaea Photopoulos

Clinical Liaison
Portrait Of Delphine Smiling, Who Has Long Braided Black Hair Wearing A Patterned Dress And Pink And Gold Earrings.

Delphine Ravix

Software Engineer
Portrait Of Jason Grinning, Who Has Short Salt-and-pepper Hair And Is Wearing A Button-up Shirt With Light Blue Stripes

Jason Shore

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Portrait Of Adam Smiling, Who Has Wavy Short Black Hair And Glasses, Wearing A Grey Button Up Shirt.

Adam Sodowick

Co-Founder & President
Portrait Of Sophia Smiling, Who Has Long Black Hair In A Ponytail With Thin-rimmed Glasses Wearing A Striped Collared Shirt With A Black Necktie.

Sophia Song

Data Analyst
Portrait Of Bella Smiling Outdoors, Who Has Long Blonde Hair Wearing A Chevron Black And White Overcoat And A Black Shirt.

Bella Sykes

Strategic Partner Manager
Portrait Of Ovilla Smiling, Who Has Shoulder Length Light Brown Hair Wearing A White Cardigan Over A Yellow Top.

Ovilla Turnbull

Product Owner
Portrait Of Theresa Smiling, Who Has Chin-length Brown Hair Wearing A Blue Top And Grey Suit.

Theresa West

Chief Commercial Officer
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