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Introducing the New Standard in Patient Adherence

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PD Strong

Greater Patient Comprehension Leads to Greater Compliance

89% of in-patients feel more at ease going home with their medications and devices

93% of patients say their medications were explained in a way that they could easily understand

100% of patients say they are more confident administering their medications and devices

Providers are Using Our Data to Target the Right Resources to the Right Patients

For the 26% of patients who say cost is a concern, co-pay assist programs have been introduced

Workflow efficiencies are experienced across the board for frontline staff while educating patients

For the 23% of patients who say remembering when to take their medications is a problem, targeted resources are being allocated at discharge

We continue to discover hidden challenges and concerns with market-leading devices and medications leading to positive interventions

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PD Connect

Effectively Learn About, Compare and Select Clinical Trials and Treatment Options

Sends personalized alerts to hundreds of rare disease patients connecting them to new clinical trials and cutting-edge therapies that would have otherwise gone unnoticed

Provides ‘Heat Maps’ for industry to design and locate trial sites based on patients’ needs and convenience

Connects 89% of rare disease patients to one or more clinical trials

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PD Inform

Better Understanding of Patients Yields Better Results

Captures unspoken concerns and points of confusion throughout the informed consent process to ensure that the right patients enter into the most suitable trials and treatments

Truly engages patients with their treatment choices through effective education leading to heightened understanding

Lowers the risk of non-compliance and dropout by ensuring patients fully understand the potential risks and benefits of their treatment choices

Our Features

Secure, cloud-based architecture

Adaptable to any content

Accessible at point-of-care & at-home

Delivered via tablet and smartphone

Experienced in a patient’s native language

EHR compatible

Localized to meet cultural norms

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