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The Pressure Is On To Improve Outcomes For All Patients

Studies have proven that life outside the health system has a direct impact on outcomes and must be included as a part of patient-centered care planning. ​

Yet, health inequity persists as ​the industry struggles to effectively capture or act upon insights into real-world patient experiences ​and social determinants of health.

Companion by Patient Discovery™ is designed to meaningfully address these challenges.

Companion is the only digital health platform developed specifically to:
  • Empower patients to communicate their unique questions, concerns, ​and preferences, and engage in shared decision making​
  • Alleviate care teams of the administrative burden of discovery, ​and enable the efficient alignment ​of internal referrals and resources based on patient need​
  • Uncover previously inaccessible patient generated data and real-world insights for health systems, biopharmaceutical companies, and payers, ​to improve care​
  • Effectively support the shift to value-based care and participation in emerging payment models, including the Enhancing Oncology Model (EOM)

New Insights. New Possibilities. Better Outcomes.

Clinically tested across the U.S., Companion delivers the critical patient and business intelligence needed to consistently deliver high-quality, affordable care aligned with the individual needs of all patients.
  • Provide equal access to quality healthcare for all patient populations
  • Elevate trust to build meaningful, resilient patient—provider relationships
  • Fill unmet needs by addressing the non-medical issues that determine 80% of health outcomes
Increasing Engagement

average time patients engage from home prior to their appointments, sharing goals of care, treatment preferences, quality of life, social determinants of health, advance treatment options, disease specific education, and upcoming appointment priorities


increase in comfort levels for patients when discussing treatment decisions with their provider


of patients self-reported a need from home prior to an appointment


average age of patients accessing the platform, including all education levels


increase in the number of completed advance care directives, a 4x increase over patients who didn’t use Companion

Companion is With Patients During the Moments That Matter Most

Companion empowers patients and caregivers to share in decision-making throughout their entire care journey.
  • Bridging communication gaps with care teams and deepening trust
  • Increasing confidence in sharing aspects of life which may be impacting their ability to achieve better health (social determinants of health)
  • Improving continuity of care through information exchange across multidisciplinary care teams
  • Elevating support by surfacing personalized services based on the patient’s self-reported needs

Companion fits seamlessly into the clinician’s workflow

Companion uniquely supports providers with access to real world patient information vital to identifying and addressing potential challenges to delivering equitable care.​

Accessible directly from the EHR, Companion:

  • Expands insight into critical, non-medical information that impacts care and outcomes
  • Elevates collaboration among multidisciplinary care teams who have access to a common view of the patient
  • Increases access to internal and external resources required to solve vital patient needs

Companion empowers healthcare stakeholders with critical business intelligence

Companion highlights critical success factors and opportunities of impact
  • Reporting and analytics directly tied to strategic initiatives, including participation in value-based payment models: e.g. health equity, patient experience/satisfaction, quality, and retention
  • Tracking and trending of targeted success metrics and outcomes
  • Utilization view of referrals to internal and external resources
  • Monitoring the financial impact associated with using Companion

Companion is Purpose Built for Secure & Flexible Integration

Our efficient, secure, and agnostic integration approach with critical systems keeps patients and providers in their workflow of choice.

EHR agnostic and secure

FHIR, HL7, or hybrid delivery

Patient use their portal to login

Optimizes existing investment via APIs

Companion is a Win for Patients, Caregivers, and Care Teams

“I feel empowered to take an active role in my decision-making”
“I now have a forum to voice my priorities, needs, and concerns”
“I’ve got access to time and resources to support my decisions”
“By knowing all aspects of my patient’s life, I can deliver more coordinated care and services”
“Knowing our patient at a deeper level allows us to partner in making the best decisions possible”
“This ensures all my patients receive quality care and that each appointment is highly efficient and focused”