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An easy-to-use digital advocate that transforms the cancer care experience.

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Patient Preferences

On their own time, patients organize and articulate what’s happening in their life, and prioritize their treatment challenges, goals, and values

Data-Driven Care Planning

Providers gain knowledge of each patient’s life experience and unmet needs prior to each appointment to make more balanced and informed treatment choices

Connections to Critical Resources

The full breadth of support services are curated through the Companion matching engine and introduced to each patient based on their unique needs

Positive Patient Outcomes

Companion supports patients and providers to work together to create optimal treatment plans, based on a common pool of knowledge

Why Companion?

When a patient receives a cancer diagnosis, they can feel overwhelmed with emotion and anxiety or struggle to retain information. Understanding their treatment choices is daunting and complex. It seems impossible to absorb it all and ensure that their treatment decisions reflect their values, goals and preferences.

Graphic Of The Companion Logo At The Center And Three Images Branching Out: A Patient Using The Companion Dashboard, A Doctor Looking At An Electronic Medical Record, And The Patient And Doctor In Conversation.

How it Works

Companion empowers patients to communicate and prioritize medical and non-medical needs with their care teams.

These needs and preferences are consolidated and delivered to oncology teams through their Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Patients and providers then work together to create an optimal plan of action based on a common pool of knowledge.

By deploying Companion, healthcare systems engage and retain patients through a superior cancer care experience. Every patient receives appropriate, personalized care while reducing clinician burden and closing health equity gaps.

HIPAA Compliant

De-Identified & Secure

Cloud Based


Longitudinal Analytics

With this app, I can write down my questions and concerns as they are happening in real time i.e. pain level, light-headedness or medication reactions and discuss them with my oncologist as I need to, even outside of my scheduled appointment.


Breast cancer patient

Graphic Of A Bubbly Pink Abstraction Of Three Patient's Faces: A Short-haired Person In Three Quarter View, Woman In Profile View, And An Older Man In Three Quarter View, All Accompanied By A Heart Icon.
Patient's Value
  • Feeling more prepared for meetings with their provider
  • Being more informed and empowered to manage their care journey
  • Feeling heard and understood by their care teams
  • Improved continuity of care
  • Increased support through personalized services, education & resources
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Provider's Value
  • Improved patient communication and involvement in their own decision making
  • Accessible patient-generated insights into goals and values to better align with their priorities throughout their treatment plan
  • Increased appointment productivity through patient ‘preparedness’
  • Streamlined referrals to support resources
  • Quality of care improvements without an increase in workload
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Healthcare System's Value
  • Measurable improvements in patient satisfaction
  • Higher patient retention
  • Ongoing referrals to integrated care services
  • Increased patient volumes through improved appointment efficiency
  • Quality improvements with increased documentation of end-of-life wishes

My favorite part of the Companion is the medication list! Medication reconciliation prior to the visit saves me at least 10 minutes! Entry of vital signs on Companion makes telemedicine visits more meaningful. Partnering with patients in their care is the most satisfying experience!


Vaishali Sanchorawala, M.D.

Director of the Autologous Stem Cell Transplantation Program at Boston Medical Center

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