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Board Members

Sandra Fenwick
Former President & CEO
Boston Children’s Hospital
Norm Shore
CEO & Co-Founder
Patient Discovery
Shelby Chamberlain
CSO & Co-Founder
Patient Discovery
Adam Sodowick
CIO & Co-Founder
Patient Discovery
Robert Harkins
VP & Owner
Carousel Industries


Sarah Cairns-Smith
Former Senior Partner & MD
The Boston Consulting Group
Steve Bonner
Former President & CEO
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
John Fallon
Former SVP & Chief Physician Executive
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Jason Reynolds
Senior Vice President
Definitive Healthcare
Marty Gilbert
Former Senior Physician Executive
Kaiser Permanente

The team

Prakash Acharya
Software Engineer
Lia Ahchu
Vice President, Client Success
Sam Auyoung
Chief Financial Officer
Serena Bowen
Software Engineer
Shelby Chamberlain
Chief Strategy Officer
Elizabeth Egan
Vice President, Marketing
Chris Georgenes
Senior Interaction Designer
Aaron Hoffman
Vice President, Design
Michael Keirnan
System Architect
Christian Miranda
Senior UX/UI Designer
Jonathan Rabideau
Product Owner
Delphine Ravix
Software Engineer
Norm Shore
Chief Executive Officer
Adam Sodowick
Chief Innovation Officer
Julie Stern
Chief Technology Officer
Bella Sykes
Director, Outcomes and Solution Experience
Theresa West
Chief Commercial Officer